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Food Photographer Jakarta for cakes

Food Photographer Jakarta shoot for cakes and slice cakes.  Food Photographer Jakarta present cake as the hero, showing cake need a special care and careful timing, cause some cake is fragile and need a cold condition.  Food Photographer Jakarta shoot with Studio lighting, DSLR and macro lens. Albert & Team, food photographer jakarta used right gears specialised for digital photography  to freeze the moment.  This work of food photographer jakarta was combination working with props stylist and pastry chef. Food Photographer Jakarta makes the picture as good as it should be done. Delicious cake with tasty look by food photographer jakarta sure will get the buyer.  Food Photographer Jakarta has a comprehensive studio with kitchen and props as well.

Food Photographer Jakarta for your cake, sure

Food Photographer Jakarta is always ready to shoot cake, the reason behind it: photographer and team always have a chance to lick the cake after the shoot was done. Albert & Partner Food Photographer Jakarta has done quite shoot for cake since back 5 years later and not only cake, food photographer Jakarta like us is specialised in making food look  good and sellable. See our other food photography, just click the image bellow

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