Food Photographer Jakarta

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Food Photographer Jakarta, Albert & Partner Food Photography

A picture speaks a thousand words.  That is what we believe for so many years, Our goal is not only to create images that get your message across, but we also try to create images that make impact on the viewers. We are always on a progress of making better picture for food day after day not for green or fame but to decorate words with many of good food picture.  It ‘s a complicated obsession. Food Photographer Jakarta that is what we call ourselves, A team of die and life for making a great sellable food images.  The real food photographer jakarta is the one who work on passion  and result oriented achievement. albert & partner food photography

Food Photographer Jakarta is Food Stylist Photographer

We are not a photographer for all the matter, we only do FOOD.  We are expert in one thing that we now best that is food styling as well photography.  Please do not get us wrong we are an artist for culinary.  A real food photography jakarta who dedicated in making food as hero and will not go home before we get what we want.  albert & partner food photography is food stylist expert in photography.  We are all in one food stylist and photographer.

NO need food stylist when you with us, real food photographer jakarta

We have been specialising in making food images for more than 8 years, many of our works are masterpiece, a genuine and real food photographer jakarta that is ready to style up your food presentation. Do You need to hire food stylist for photo-shoot ?  NOPE, we are food styler and fortunately we are also a professional photographer who has been learning and doing photography from many master in the world.

GOOD to Great is our Motto

We are hoping the world to see the uniqueness of each regional food that  we capture on our camera. please mind about watermark cause all the images shown were copyrighted